Forster Private Hospital

For our Patients

Are you a patient or soon-to-be patient? Here is all of the information you need to know about staying at Forster Private Hospital.

What to bring

Please ensure that you bring the following items with you to hospital:

  •    Your health insurance membership details 
  •    Your Medicare Card 
  •    Your Pension Card
  •    Your Health Care Card
  •    Department of Veterans' Affairs Card

Medications (if applicable) 
  •   Please bring all of your current medications in the original packaging or dosette boxes

Rehab Patients Only 
  •    Casual, comfortable day clothing suitable for therapy
  •    Flat, supportive shoes
  •    Swimming costumes for hydrotherapy if required
  •    Mobility aids

Other Items
  •    Any of your relevant x-ray or ultrasound films
  •    Your personal nightwear including slippers
  •    Your toiletries if staying overnight (i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste)
  •    Shoes with non-slip soles and low heels
  •    Spectacles, hearing aids
The hospital does not assume responsibility for personal items.  You are responsible for their safe storage. We also request that you do not bring valuables such as jewellery or large amounts of cash.

For The Family

We understand that your family plays an important role in your comfort and recovery, therefore Forster Private Hospital has a number of facilities avaliable for their convienience including: 

  •   Complimentary Tea & coffee making facilities located in the patient lounges 

  •   Onsite Coffee Shop for the purchase of food and beverages 

  •   Access to the hospitals private courtyard 

Personal Services

Laundry: Patients are requested to make arrangements to have friends or relatives do their laundry for them while they are hospitalised. Please ask staff if you require a laundry service and a local laundry-mat will arrange collection for a small fee.

Mail: Incoming mail is delivered to patients 3 days per week. A post box for outgoing mail is located at reception, in the main foyer of the hospital.




Forster Private Hospital is a smoke-free zone.  No smoking is allowed on hospital property.



 It is advised that you are aware of your level of cover and entitlements from your Private Health Fund.

Repatriation (DVA) Patients – Gold card holders are covered for all care. White card holders are covered subject to approval by DVA.

WorkCover Patients – must have approval prior to admission.

Third Party Patients – must have approval prior to admission.

Uninsured Patients – total payment must be made on admission. Please contact the hospital prior to admission for an estimate of fees and charges. As it is an estimate only, in the event of unforeseen complications or variations from the proposed treatment the cost may vary.

What costs could I incur that will not be covered by my health fund?
  •    Some radiology tests may not be covered.
  •    Medical fees may be billed separately by the practitioner.
Please discuss these with your doctor before your admission. 

You may also receive separate accounts for the following:
•     Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Assisting Surgeon, Other consultants
•     Costs of incidental items such as STD and mobile telephone calls.

Going home

Forster Private Hospital staff are dedicated to ensuring you are provided with  the most appropriate care after discharge. We advise you to plan ahead for your discharge as much as possible. If you believe you will require assistance once you arrive home, please do not hesitate to alert our staff. Should you require in-depth discharge planning, our nursing staff will arrange for our discharge coordinator to assist with your needs.

If additional patient care information is required after discharge this will be provided upon your departure from hospital.

Discharge time is 10.00am.  If you are unable to be collected by 10.00am, you may be asked to move to the waiting lounge.


Your room

We endeavour to provide all patients with a private room when requested. However, due to clinical needs and variations in hospital occupancy, there may be occasions when this is not possible. If this happens, we will endeavour to transfer you to a private room as soon as one becomes available.


Patient feedback is appreciated, and feedback forms are available on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact the hospital staff for any further assistance.


Forms and Information Sheets